Tidy up your bookmarks

When you find something on the web you love, save it in Bkmark. We take care of the rest.

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Save all your bookmarks

More than 500+ teams and creators around the world manage the gems they find on the web with Bkmark


Create your personal search engine

You don't have time to waste searching old threads and scrappy notes for lost links.

All your bookmarks are indexed. Stop trying to remember links or page titles. Find anything just as you would when searching the web.

What's that link again?

Curate the web and join the community

The web is a fabulous place, and curating is an art. We make bookmarking social, by providing the platform to share and discover gems from the web.

Curate the web and join the community
I love the focus of Bkmark. Search works super well, the extension is well-designed, the interface is crisp and responsive. It does exactly what it's supposed to do, and it's there when you need it without being intrusive.
Arvid Kahl - Founder, Writer, CTO

The Bootstrapped Founder



Make your bookmarks multiplayer

Invite your friends and family and collaborate on the content you find and love on the web.

Planning trips or looking for the best deals have never been easier. This marks the end of chaotic group chats.

Made for remote teams

Remember what you saved

What's the point of saving web content if it's just to forget about it?

Once a week receive a newsletter of the gems you bookmarked. Import you existing bookmarks from your browser and your read later apps.

Stop forgetting about your bookmarks
Bkmark has taken my bookmarks bar from a gallery of forgotten webpages and helped me to organise and tag them in a few simple clicks. Now I can easily search and find what I’m looking for, when I need it. I’d recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time in Chrome!
Gabriel Makinwa - Founder & CEO




Our Artificial Intelligence works for you

We analyse all the bookmarks you save, and we automatically tag them for you, so you can find them easily later.

Our artificial intelligence works for you

Tidy up your bookmarks, tidy up your digital life

Organise all your trusted web content into one place. Bkmark's simple collection structure means ther are no chaotic folders that you forget. None of your ideas are left behind.

Tidy up your bookmarks, tidy up your teamwork
I used to save hundreds of links in multiple places and now I have all of them together and organised. I'm not forced to go through my email, notes, bookmarks in different browsers, etc. It's saving lots of valuable time.
Alejandro Inestal - Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead




Grow your audience

Benefit from advanced analytics on your public collections. Know who is your audience and what they click with.

Also, anyone can subscribe to your best findings on the web. We will let them know when there's something new in your curated content.

Grow your audience

Privacy by default

You own your personal information. Bkmark is a secure and ad-free space where your teams can privately organise and reasearch the gems they find on the web.

Privacy by default
We all know links tend to get lost and we spend hours looking for them. Bkmark is a very useful tool to keep track of and search for URLs you want to revisit again.
Simon Chiu - Founder & Software Engineer




All under
one roof

Bkmark seamlessly integrates with your everyday tools and frees more time to actually do what you want to do.


Bkmark gets out of the way for you to focus on what matters

Our design principles

Less is more

We're not interested in releasing disconnected features.

Forget about complex filtering levels, deeply nested folders, and overly-complex dashboards.

We do less, so you can do more with your bookmarks.

Always listen

We do not have all the answers. We work with you to make a solution which works for you.

Your feedback and insights are the fuel which keeps Bkmark evolving in the right direction.

Bkmark helps me being more productive in my research on a daily basis. I can save links in seperate collections for each of my projects and the platform adds tags and lets me sort my links by categories. Also, it automatically reminds me of things I had forgotten about already.
Ivan Nkenla - Venture Capital Analyst




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